Here are some unique gifts that 10 famous celebrities received from friends and family.  Unique gifts come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges.  As it might be, these famous celebrities admit that their favorite gifts were not the most expensive ones. In truth, the perfect gifts turned out to be items that their loved ones knew they will simply adore. After all, the thing that makes us the happiest is to be seen and understood by the people we love!

Here are 10 amazing gifts that celebrities were thrilled to receive and that will surely inspire you:

Life size Yoda tops the Unique Gifts list

Olivia Munn: A Life-Size Yoda

Olivia Munn’s favorite present ever received was a life-size No. 120 Yoda used in the original Star Wars movie.  Munn remembers that years ago she mentioned just how much she wanted the prop, and they actually sent it to her. A life-sized Yoda would make the perfect present for a Star Wars fan, bringing a little piece of the movie into their home.   This has got to top the list for unique gifts.

Star Wars movie – the complete saga (Shop $54, Shop CAD $89),
life sized Yoda (Shop $532)


Instax Polaroid camera

Julianne Hough: Polaroid Camera

Julianne Hough’s favorite gift ever was a Polaroid Camera she got a while back. She loved this gift so much because she found a unique use for it: planning her looks. Whenever she packs for a trip, she carefully plans her outfits and photographs them. This way she can pack like a pro.  Ok, so we admit this may not be one of the most unique gifts, but how she uses it certainly is!

Polaroid camera (Shop $120, Shop CAD $169)


Jennifer Lopez: Silk Pillow

Jennifer Lopez seems to have found the secret to eternal beauty. Her favorite gift ever was a 100% mulberry silk pillow. The pillow feels very soft and comfortable, and it can also prevent hair breakage and premature wrinkles.  What better gift than one that enhances your beauty sleep? If you have someone in your life who is really into beauty care, this will be a great gift!

mulberry silk pillow (Shop $53,  Shop CAD $89)


Bookcase with children's books is a great unique gift

Mindy Kaling: A Bookcase from Oprah

Mindy Kaling got this inspired gift from none other than Oprah, who remembered that Kaling was a single mom who had just had a kid. This bookcase was filled with the most important books in children’s literature.  We certainly thought this was one of the unique gifts that was very thoughtful and relevant to where Mindy was in her life stage.

children’s books (Shop $5-$30, Shop CAD $5-$30)
handmade carved bookcase (Shop $795)


Relaxing, stress-free morning. Read a book

Mariah Carey: A Relaxing Morning

Sometimes, we really need to loosen up a bit and forget about our daily grind. Most holidays can cause a significant amount of stress that can prevent us from enjoying ourselves. But luckily for Mariah, she got exactly what she needed: a relaxing, stress-free morning. Although she loves giving gifts, she doesn’t open hers until three days after Christmas. This way, she ensures that her family gets her undivided attention. Sometimes, catching a break is the best gift you can give someone!



Jessica Biel: Travel Workout Set

Jessica Biel doesn’t cheat on her workout even when she is traveling. The actress was very happy to receive a travel workout set that she can use every day when she’s on the go. Biel says that moving her body just makes her feel good, so she cannot take long breaks from it. A portable workout set is a perfect gift if your friend loves to work out!

travel workout set (Shop $168, Shop CAD $229)


A wine tasting course, is a great 'unique gifts' experience

Emma Thompson: Wine Tasting Course

People are actually happier when they spend money on experiences rather than objects. This is precisely what Emma’s husband thought when he gifted her a wine tasting. Because she loves wine so much, learning a little more about it built up her confidence when choosing a bottle to drink in a restaurant or at home. After all, wine tastings are like Disneyland for adults!

wine tasting course, the complete guide (Shop $149, Shop CAD $302)


Vintage ring & tie pin combine to make the unique gifts list

Ariana Grande: A Vintage Ring

Ariana Grande revealed that the best gift she has ever received is a vintage ring from her Nonna. This gift has a lot of emotional value, as the pearl on the ring used to be on her grandpa’s tie pin. Nonna gave it to her early on because of a dream she had. So she turned the pin into a ring to make it easier for Ari to wear it.  This is makes the unique gifts list, since it is filled with emotion and sentiment.   Such thoughtful gifts do not need to be expensive.    Just for fun, we went searching for an expensive vintage ring to see what it might look like and found one on Amazon for over $7000, so we could not resist sharing this with you.  Although buying a new ‘vintage’ ring, just does not sound right.

vintage ring with pearl (Shop $7187, Shop CAD $9577)


Unique Gifts...Toto Toilet, if it fits the budget

Jennifer Aniston: A  Toto Toilet

A toiled might be considered a rather unconventional gift for some, but for Jennifer Aniston, it was just the right thing. After all, who doesn’t love a Toto toilet?  Aniston confessed that once her friends experienced it, they regretted not getting one sooner.  This is on the unique gifts list, since who would want to gift a toilet.   Having said that, Toto is an awesome machine and can also be a great toy.  If you’ve experienced it, you know what we’re talking about.

Toto toilet (Shop Amazo
$2022, Shop CAD $4162) 


Dog sweater

Oprah Winfrey: Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

Oprah could barely hold her excitement when she received one of the best presents ever: ugly Christmas sweaters for her dogs. Apparently, she even tweeted about this inspired present. She advises that if you don’t know what to get for somebody, just get them something for their dogs instead and they will greatly appreciate it!

Blueberry Pet sweaters in 15 designs for dogs (Shop $15, Shop CAD $25)


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