Here at WishSlate, we’re about all things wish lists. Our free app helps you build one out with items from any store you like.

But how can you optimize your wish list? Here are some tips. 

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Pick your favourite items for your wish list

It might seem obvious, but the first step to creating any wish list is to pick your favourite items. This is really the fun part!

Take some time to browse your favourite shops (remember, you don’t need to worry about making separate wish lists for separate stores) and find whatever catches your eye. Keep in mind things like purpose, price, quality, etc. when choosing your products.

Include a variety of options in your wish list

Don’t worry about picking exactly what you’re going to buy — keep a wide variety of items in your wish list. The whole point of keeping a wish list is that you don’t need to make a commitment right now; instead, you can just keep track of items you’re interested in. Then, you can make your final purchasing decision later.

So, again, have fun with it! Include different styles, colours, models, etc.

Note the size, colour, etc. that you want

A really handy feature of the WishSlate app is that you can keep notes in the Description field. There, you can make note of everything from your shoe size to the shade of laptop that you like.

This is much better than simply keeping a note on your phone with links to items. With the WishSlate app, you can personalize your wish list so that you (and your followers!) remember exactly what you wanted.

Want to learn how to do these steps in the app?

We’ve got a brand-new FAQ page complete with how-to videos that break down everything you need to know. 



Happy shopping!

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