The Holiday Season is just around the corner, and all of us are just excited for family and friends gathering, especially the most awaited moment – the Holiday gift-giving!

Giving gifts in the most wonderful time of the year can make us feel pressured to give the best gift surprise for our loved ones this Holiday season!  Whether or not you like to plan way in advance, at some point, you’re going to have to get started on your Christmas shopping and gift ideas as soon as possible. 

So, today, we’ll walk you through some time-saving features in WishSlate, that can help you organize your wish list and shopping lists for Christmas and other occasions.

Login to WishSlate 

First things first, you’ll want to visit to login.   If you don’t have an account, sign-up for a free WishSlate account.  This only takes a minute.    You can use any browser on your desktop, iOS or Android device.   On iOS and Android, once you are on, you can click the 3 dots button on the top right in your browser (Android) or the share button in the browser (iOS) and “Add to Home Screen” – this will place a WishSlate app icon on your mobile home screen.  You can also bookmark the page within any browser.


Add an item to your wish list

Time to build your wishlist by adding your most wanted items by searching your favorite online stores and picking out a few things that speak to you. Then, simply copy and paste the URL to the items from the website into the WishSlate app where it says, “Paste a link to add an item”.   Let the details auto-populate, add a note if you’d like a specific color / brand / style, and then click the Save button to add to your wish list!


Tag Items for a Person or Event

You can keep your wish list organized, but marking items with Tags.    Lets say for example you want see an item that would be a great Christmas present for your mom.   Tag the item with ‘Christmas’ and ‘Mom.    Looking for a school backpack for your 8-year-old daugther.   Tag it with ‘Daughter’.    Found an awesome lego kit for your son – Tag it with “Son”, and if you don’t want him to see it on your wish list, make it ‘Private’ (see next section.)

All you’ve got to do is go to the item in your wish list, click on it, then find the and click the purple plus button on the image.  Select the tag you’d like to add — for this example; we used Christmas. Still, you can also choose different occasions like Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Wedding.

Then, when you’re viewing your wish list, you know exactly which items are meant for Christmas and which ones are meant for other special occasions. It is a quick and easy way to give the best joy for someone special in the specific celebration of their life!


Mark Items as Private

There are items you want to keep private and don’t want others to see on your wish list.   We got you covered.   The WishSlate app has a private feature.  Simply click on the item, and find the Private button on the bottom left. 


Share Lists with Friends

Simply invite friends or use the top search box to find and follow friends.   Once you follow each other, friends can see your wish lists and be notified of any items you add to your wish list (that are not private).    They’ll appreciate the time you took to create an elegant and beautiful list. 


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