When it comes to wish list apps, there are quite a few options. You’ll want to be sure that the app you choose fits your needs and helps you build out birthday lists, Christmas lists, and lists for everyday use. 

Here are four reasons why WishSlate is the only wish list app you’ll ever need:

1. It works on any device — whether Android, iPhone, or desktop — as a web app

We started out on iOS, but we’ve recently revamped WishSlate into a fully-functioning web app. This makes it super simple to manage your wish list from any device you want. And if you’re using it on a mobile device, you can easily add a shortcut to your homescreen so that it functions much like a downloadable app. 

Bounce around from phone to tablet to desktop; all you need is a web browser to access your account and get to building your wish list. We think this change will help a lot more users — Android and iPhone alike — use the app.

2. The Paste Link feature makes it super simple to save items from any store you want

Our signature function is called the Paste Link feature. What this means is that you can copy a URL from any website you like, paste it into the WishSlate app, and the details will auto-populate (like price, photo, description, etc.)

You’ll have a chance to check that everything looks good, adjust the fields as necessary, and save the item to your wish list. When you compare this to other wish lists at a dedicated store, it’s a lot more user-friendly, since many companies will only allow you to add items from their store.

The Paste Link feature makes the entire web your oyster; you can pick and choose what you like — whether it’s from sites like Lululemon, Etsy, or Amazon. Keep things organized and streamlined so you’re not having to log into different accounts for different stores.

3. You can seamlessly share your wish list with friends & family

Another great aspect of the WishSlate app is that you can easily share your list with your loved ones. This social networking portion of the app means that your wish list can function much like an online registry, where users can browse and reserve items from each other’s lists.

This is super handy for times like birthdays or Christmas, when the pressure of gift-giving can get to be overwhelming. We make it easy to add friends, look at each other’s wishes, and facilitate gift purchases — straight from the app.

This helps ensure that everyone gets what they want, straight from their list. After all, as we’ve talked about on the blog, unwanted gifts worth $16 billion are disposed of annually. Using and sharing wish lists helps eliminate this kind of waste and ensures that the recipient will always be pleased with their gift.

4. You’ll get friendly birthday reminders so you never miss a special occasion

Another hallmark feature of the app is that, once you’ve added your friends and family, you’ll get reminders for when they have a birthday coming up. This lets you put gift shopping on autopilot, since we’ll take care of coordinating the best time to start shopping.

Never worry about missing a birthday again; there’s no need to track someone’s birthday on your calendar or phone. Just add each other on the WishSlate app and you’ll be good to go.

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As you can see, there are many good reasons to choose WishSlate. We’re confident that if you take the time to try us out, you’ll agree that we’re the only wish list app you’ll ever need. Sign up today to claim your free account.

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