With the summer months heating up, there are plenty of occasions to give gifts: housewarming parties, birthdays, weddings, or just a hostess gift when coming over for a backyard BBQ.

And with COVID restrictions lifting in most parts of the world, we’re all more excited than ever to see each other, gather, and celebrate life’s occasions.

So, what are the most thoughtful gifts to give this time of year? We’ve rounded up five examples of great summer gift ideas.

A bucket or basket filled with their favourite beverage

bucket beer

As we mentioned in a past blog post, one of the easiest ways to give a thoughtful gift is to take something like a bucket or basket and fill it with custom treats. What makes this gift really pop is the fact that you know the recipient best, so you can tailor it to be just right for them.

Maybe you’re gifting to a beer-loving dad, so you full a bucket with unique craft beer from your local area. Or maybe you’re gifting to a pregnant mama-to-be, so you give her a basket full of her favourite sparkling water or artisanal soda. 

No matter what you choose, you’re giving them a handy set of their favourite refreshing beverage just in time for the heat, which they’re sure to appreciate!

A beach tote bag filled with summertime goodies

beach tote bag

This is another fun custom gift, which you can personalize just for the recipient. Step one is to get a nice, big beach tote bag (dollar stores are great for this!). Then, fill it with all the summertime goodies you can think of! Examples include:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Fun cups/tumblers
  • Body lotion
  • Beach towels
  • Cocktail kits
  • Drink cozies

The possibilities are endless. Just keep it in the summertime theme!

An edible arrangement


Another refreshing option is to buy an edible arrangement of fruit. Nothing quite hits the spot like some fresh fruit during the summer heat. Again, you can customize this by ordering the perfect arrangement for the recipient: if you know they’re a pineapple lover, get one that’s centred around pineapple.

A cute plant


When you think of the warmer weather, what do you think of? I know that once the weather gets nicer, everyone loves to get into their garden! So go out and purchase a beautiful plant for your recipient.

You can get an indoor plant to help spruce up their home, or even some fresh outdoor plants to put in their garden (if you know they’ve got a green thumb!). This type of gift is always appreciated, because a cute plant really livens up a space.

A BBQ gift set


Another fun idea for a dad is a BBQ gift set. There are tons of local independent businesses that put these together (you can find a lot on Etsy). They’re filled with lots of BBQ goodies, like sauces and rubs.

You could also buy some BBQ gear, like grill sets with a bunch of different tools & accessories. This is another great summertime option, because who doesn’t love a good BBQ on a warm night?


We hope you enjoyed this list of summer gift ideas! Which one will you be trying?

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