Quarantine shouldn’t be all naps and Netflix shows. Let’s use this opportunity to complete projects that you’ve left on the back-burner, ramp up your fitness routine, and motivate yourself to plan and accomplish your goals. Luckily, we’ve found some great products to help you stay productive, focused, and efficient. It’s time to rise and grind!

Home fitness exercise band








Resistance Exercise Bands

To begin, the best way to have that rise and grind mentality is to start your day with a workout. These resistance bands are stronger, more durable, and higher quality bands that are amazing for any workout. Of course, they can be integrated into HIIT training, Yoga, Pilates, or any general exercise, stretching, and strength training. Due to the range of extra-light to extra-heavy bands, they are guaranteed to help you feel the burn no matter what the exercise!

Shop Amazon.ca, $24.95 CAD

Shop Amazon.com, $17.85 USD



Ab roller







Wonder Maxi Ab Roller Wheel

Incorporate the Wonder Maxi Ab Roller Wheel in addition to your workouts for a killer ab session. As a result of the non-slip plastic handle, the wheel is sweatproof and easy to clean. Also, the extra-wide wheel design makes for a more stable and balanced roll targeting all of the abdominal muscles.

Shop Amazon.ca, $29.99 CAD

Shop Amazon.com, $20.99 USD



Weekly and monthly planner








Arcobis Weekly & Monthly Undated Planner

Above all, happiness starts with a well-organized life! Organize your days with this undated 52 week planner. It allows you to date each entry you want to record and ensures you are staying on track toward achieving your goals all year long while still managing day-to-day tasks. Specifically, The Arcobis is the best tool if you want to improve efficiency and hit your goals.

Shop Amazon.ca, $28.95 CAD

Shop Amazon.com, $8.99 USD



Blue light glasses







2-Pack Unisex Blue Light Glasses

These unisex blue light glasses are perfect for individuals who spend hours looking at a computer or tv. Not to mention, the lenses can prevent blue light from a screen which after an extended period of time, starts to irritate the eyes. For instance, this unisex 2-pack is great for throwing on especially when working from home!

Shop Amazon.ca, $29.99 CAD

Shop Amazon.com, $22.98 USD



The 7 habits of highly effective people








The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey

Sooner or later you will realize how making your bed every day will have such a positive influence on your mindset. This tried and true book by Stephen R. Covey will teach you powerful lessons for personal and professional change. As he explains the fundamental principles that enable successful people to achieve goals, this will surely act as the motivation you’ve been looking for during quarantine.

Shop Amazon.ca, $13.79 CAD

Shop Amazon.com, $10.84 USD



Bullet proof coffee starter kit







BulletProof Coffee Starter Kit

Jump on the bandwagon and start your day off with bulletproof coffee. This trend is becoming exponentially popular. Coupled with brain octane oil, the coffee is reported to have amazing health benefits to manage your weight, sharpen your brain, and increase your energy. In short, adding this into your routine will help you attain that rise and grind attitude you’ve been needing.

Shop Amazon.ca, $49.95

Shop Amazon.com, $55.95



Essential oil








Eden’s Garden Energy Boost Essential Oil

Finally, this 10ml bottle is a blend of sandalwood, black pepper and lemon essential oils. Energy Boost promotes mental strength keeping the mind clear and enlivening the body. It is a 100% certified pure therapeutic grade quality. While you may apply topically, you can use it in a diffuser, or bath. Thus, giving you that ‘jump out of bed and conquer the world’ feeling!

Shop Amazon.ca, $12.69

Shop Amazon.com, $13.95 USD

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