The weather is warming up, and with the change of seasons comes a chance to start fresh with just about everything. And as you opt for lighter layers, this is the perfect time to do a wardrobe reset. But where to start? In this article, we’re breaking down how to refresh your wardrobe!

Take stock of what you already own — and be merciless

First of all, you need to assess what you’re working with. So, take your summer clothes out of storage and get to work.

Lay your entire wardrobe out. It might seem a bit messy or overwhelming at first, but don’t worry! We’re going to clean this up.

To start, check what you own and pick out the pieces that 100% don’t fit you anymore. Maybe you’ve gone up or down a size or two (which is completely normal), and some of your clothes simply don’t fit. There’s no need to hang onto them unless you have specific plans to get them altered to fit better.

Wherever possible, try to donate clothes instead of contributing to waste. So, get out some garbage bags and fill them with your clothes that no longer fit you.

Second, you want to go through the remaining clothes and be really discerning. Which pieces make you feel your best? And which ones, in the infamous words of Marie Kondo, “spark joy”? On the other hand, which ones do you not really wear? Which ones are kind of “blah”?

Most of us keep clothes for way too long. We let them collect dust at the back of our closets for years and years on end. This is your chance to do things differently! 

How to do things differently

Pick out the clothes that truly make you feel awesome. Which ones light you up inside? Those are the ones you’ll want to keep!

So, take the clothes you’re not really that into, and bag those up as well to get rid of. If you’re really scared to donate them in case you change your mind, put them into storage and re-assess in a few months. If you didn’t frantically go to grab something from the bags during that time…get rid of them!

Want to learn more about the KonMari method? Check out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book. It’s been a game-changer for me, and I know it’ll change your life, too! 

Once you’re left with the clothes you truly, truly adore, move on to the next step.

Figure out where the gaps are in your wardrobe

You’ve decluttered and simplified your summer wardrobe. Now that you’ve taken things out, you can choose to add a few more in. The key? To be conscious and deliberate with your new purchases.

In this step, ask yourself things like: Which items am I really missing? And which ones do I need to replace (if they’re damaged or no longer fit)? What would bring my style to the next level?

The point isn’t to replace all of the clothes you just got rid of in the first step. Not at all. It’s to take stock and be mindful of what you need — not what you want.

Maybe you have lots of pretty dresses but no high-quality sandals to wear with them. Or perhaps you have plenty of beachwear but no statement hat to protect yourself from the sun. Pick items that will truly complement the rest of your pared-down wardrobe.

Make a list of a few items that could really elevate your summer look, and get to shopping!

Make your wish list

Here at WishSlate, we’re all about wish lists. It’s what we do. Our app is the perfect, seamless solution to make a comprehensive wish list with items from any store. But enough about us! Here’s how to use one to elevate your summer wardrobe.

Do some research online to find some options for your summer wardrobe additions. Shop around, find some sales, and add those items to your wish list. You could put this in a note or document, but we’re pretty sure you’ll love WishSlate instead.

Once you’ve compiled a list, take your time to purchase the right products for you. Slowly use them to refresh your wardrobe and bring it to the next level.


And there you have it! Our practical guide to refresh your wardrobe this summer.

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