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Mandi Nuttal

Teaching Kids About Sex & Their Bodies

E48 | 28:51

Mandi Nuttall–Teacher, Author, Mother of 5, Birthday Suit Books


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Most Parents feel awkward or unprepared to have the conversation about sex and relationships with their children.

Research tells us that kids and teens who have regular conversations with their parents and caregivers about sex and their bodies are less likely to take risks with their sexual health, and more likely to be safe, have healthy relationships and higher self-confidence with their bodies.  So how do you start this conversation with your kids?

Mandi Nuttall is the author of The Birthday Suit Books, that teach parents how, when, and what to say as they approach talking to their children about anatomy, sex, pregnancy, and safety.   She encourages open and honest communication, so our children feel safer coming to us with personal questions.

Mandi makes is simple and empowers parents to then empower their children to respect and love their body.  Her mission is to help amend generations of shame and embarrassment about our body—our greatest gift—into one of admiration and respect.   She says, “We have one shot to teach our kids to respect their body, and we can’t leave that up to the world—it’s our job and divine responsibility.”

Mandi is a former high school health teacher, a collegiate volleyball player, a photographer, and a mother of 5.   Through a life of struggle, surviving cancer, miscarriages, and helping her 2-year-old daughter fight cancer, Mandi believes in miracles and in the limitless potential within families to do good and raise knowledgeable children.

In this episode, Mandi tells us why teenage kids are clueless about sex and their bodies, and how we can prepare them better.



Mandi Nuttall:  Birthday Suits Books


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