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Julie Aigner-Clark on the Reaching Roots podcast by WishSlate, and talks about how parents how they can teach your children well

How to Teach your Children Well

S1 : E3 | 00:48:20

Julie Aigner-Clark–CEO, Wee School


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The lack of quality preschool education in the United States is a well-known problem. Early Head Start programs often don’t reach rural or low-income areas. In fact, only 48% of poor children are ready for school at age 5, and the inequality that begins before kindergarten lasts a lifetime. Those who don’t receive any preschool education start off a year behind in math and verbal skills, and don’t catch up. Yet research shows that the sooner children participate in early childhood education, the better their long-term outcomes.  In this episode, we talk to Julie Aigner-Clark, as CEO of WeeSchool, and what she is doing to help to educate parents on how to interact with and teach your children well and properly at home.

Our guest today is Julie Aigner-Clark. Inspired by her own children and a passion for the arts, Julie searched for ways to share her love of music and art with her own child. As a mom and a former English teacher, she used her art education to start her entrepreneurial journey, which started with Baby Einstein. Baby Einstein is a multimedia infant entertainment company turned international brand acquired by Disney for $25 million. Throughout Julie’s life and career, she has started multiple businesses as resources to help parents learn what to teach, and how you can teach your children well.

Additionally, Julie is an Emmy award-winning creator of children’s content for her work on the Safe Side child safety videos. She is a New York Times bestselling author of over 30 children’s books and was recognized by President George W. Bush in his state of the union address as representing “the great enterprising spirit of America.”

Julie has been featured on national television and several publications, including People magazine, Oprah, the Today Show, and The View. She is an inspirational speaker committed to finding and following her passion to make a difference in the world. Julie has devoted her life to educating children and keeping them safe. Her work, developing the informed, engaged parenting app; Wee School continues her legacy of supporting millions of children and families worldwide. Go check out her website, www.weschool.com


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