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Teach Your Child Physical Literacy

S1 : E12 | 49:41

Melanie Levenberg–Author, Teacher, Founder, PL3Y


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Melanie Levenberg is an author, teacher and expert in children’s fitness. She is the creator and founder of the PL3Y (Play), a dance & fitness program that follows the 3 rules of Play: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself.  Her programs have reached over 3 million kids and over 1,000 instructors have been trained on how to develop physical literacy in kids. In 2020 alone, over 1 million kids participated in PL3Y programs. Melanie speaks to the definition of what physical literacy is, and is an international keynote speaker delivering her workshops and energizers throughout the world.

So, what is the definition of physical literacy? It is defined as having a combination of motivation, confidence, knowledge and the physical competence to choose to be active.  As we continue to consume technology, communities throughout the world are seeing the negative effects of our ‘digitally distracted’ way of life;  social disconnect,  poor mental health, obesity and unhappiness.   Dean Kriellaars, one of the leading experts in physical literacy says “Children are not learning the basic elements of play and a child with low physical literacy skills has low confidence to perform ANY activity”.  Basic movement skills, like jumping, running, skipping, throwing are the foundations of physical literacy.    However, there are kids that simply don’t know how to MOVE and find these activities difficult.   This only adds to the growing issue of increased screentime and decreased outdoor free play.

Physical Literacy develops social skills, self-awareness, confidence and trains you to move. Movement has positive effects on the brain’s ability to learn – as our minds, bodies and spirits are in a more optimal state of learning & confidence when active.   Studies show kids with high physical literacy have better self-esteem, reduced risk for health issues, higher test scores and more stable moods.

Melanie believes that children and students deserve an educational experience that not only focuses on academics but also helps them BE healthier, happier humans.  In this episode, Melanie talks about what physical literacy is and how you can teach your kids physical literacy.  Melanie’s award-winning flagship program, DANCEPL3Y (dance-play), has been recognized to boost mental health as kids learn simple dance moves from a variety of different genres – from Pop & Jazz to Hip Hop & Bollywood. As a children’s fitness expert, she inspires teachers and employees to discover the “best version of themselves” and as CEO of PL3Y, she is helping fitness entrepreneurs launch PL3Y programs throughout the world.

Melanie calls Vancouver, Canada home, where she stays active by exploring the surrounding mountains and oceans. She is addicted to moving and playing outside, with her wife and daughter by her side.


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