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Carlee-Krtolica, Styled and Sparkle, Stay at home mom, mom blogger

You Too, Can be a Stay at Home Mom

S1 : E2 | 00:44:23

Carlee Krtolica–Blogger & Influencer, Styled to Sparkle


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Today our guest is Carlee Krtolica; a stay at home mom and the editor-in-chief of Styled To Sparkle – a lifestyle blog for moms and parents. She is a wife, a mother of a little baby girl and fur baby and a full-time stay at home mom.

It is no secret that mothers working full-time always grapple with the guilt that they are not giving enough time to their children. Managing the kids, taking care of the family and juggling the responsibilities of the home along with career and work commitments creates lots of pressure.

After working a 9 to 5 job, Carlee felt that her lifestyle did not suit her family’s lifestyle, or hers. Carlee’s desire to spend more time with her family led her to take more control of her life and find something she loves. Carlee started a blog to share her experiences and ideas so that she can help others with their own journey through life. As a mom blogger and influencer, she has accumulated more than 50,000 followers on her social media platforms. In addition to blogging, Carlee is a freelance interior designer who does her own DIY projects. Moreover, Carlee has proven that with a little inspiration and imagination, you also can create the Pinterest-worthy home of your dreams.

Carlee loves all things travel, hopping around the world, a camping getaway or a mountain adventure. She is a certified wine enthusiast and enjoys the many local distilleries and wineries around the world. Go check out her website, https://www.styledtosparkle.com.


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