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Lori Fishman on Reaching Roots for Parents Podcast

Safely Talk to Children About Weight

E46 | 32:45

Lori Fishman–Child Psychologist & Instructor , Harvard Medical School


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With the pandemic, so many kids have gained weight or developed unhealthy eating habits…along with too much screen time and perhaps a decrease in their sports or daily exercise. We also know that weight is a risk-factor for worsened symptoms of COVID-19.

Lori Fishman says “At this point, we all need an immunity-booster”.    Lori is a child and adolescent psychologist, a parenting coach, and an Instructor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.  She has worked with thousands of parents and families, helping them to improve eating behaviors, increase exercise, and ultimately achieve a healthier lifestyle and stronger, leaner bodies.

What if there was a way to dramatically cut down the amount of snacking your family does on a daily basis without being on a “diet” or shaming?   Lori spent 12 Years at Boston Children’s Hospital, providing families with behavioral strategies for weight management.  She has helped over 10,000 families and provides training to medical providers, school nurses, gymnastics coaches and girl scout troop leaders.

In this episode, Lori shares with us how parents can safely talk to their children about weight, and improve their family’s eating and exercise behaviors…quickly and easily.


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