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Stephanie Cartin, Markid (SocialFly, Enterprenista Media) on Reaching Roots For Parents Podcast

Recycle Outgrown Kids Stuff into Money

E18 | 33:38

Stephanie Cartin–Co-founder, Markid, Markid


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Kids outgrow clothes, shoes, sports equipment and other items at a rapid pace from the time they are babies to their teen years.   You are cluttering up your house or somehow donating, which unknowing to you, end up in landfills.

The kids and fashion industry’s pursuit of lower prices has benefited from cheap labor across the globe and they produce more styles, quicker, with consumers purchasing more.  Today, we create 10 times more clothes waste compared to 5 decades ago to the tune of over 12 million tons being sent to landfills each year.  We are adding this waste to the planet that our kids will inherit.   The impact of this is terrible for our planet – increased greenhouse gases, wasted energy, accelerating climate change and over-occupied landfills.

We need to rethink how fashion, shoes, sports equipment are manufactured, reused and recycled.   Many retailers like H&M, Eileen Fisher, Patagonia and North Face have programs in place to help with recycle and re-use, however progress is slow.    There are companies like Markid that are providing innovative solutions to this problem today.  Markid is a parent marketplace that provides parents with an easy way to recycle outgrown children’s clothes and equipment and get paid for it.

Stephanie Cartin, co-founded Markid to help you recycle and reNew their children’s outgrown clothes and other equipment.  Stephanie says “Markid was born out of the frustration we felt as parents, not knowing how to connect with fellow parents who were likely searching for the same item that our kid has outgrown, sometimes in as little as a couple wears”

Today, parents’ options are to sell used items on marketplaces that sell everything from lawn mowers to cars – or post on social parent or community groups.  This involves taking pictures, posting, meeting strangers, haggling on price and dealing with scams and no-shows.   Markid is simpler option and at the heart of Markid is a commitment to enable a better future for all kids in your community.

Recognized as a Top Female CEO in New York, Stephanie is also a mom, the co-founder of SocialFly and the Enterprenista Podcast, author of the book “Like, Love, Follow” and has been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, entrepreneur.com and more.


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