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Dr. Christopher Brown

Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

E39 | 29:07

Dr. Christopher Brown–Author & Professor, U of Texas


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Kindergarten Prep

When your young child reaches school age, there is anxiety for both parents and children. For parents, doubt of whether their child is ready for school: Are they going to be ok? How will the kids survive without us? For kids, they might even be a little scared: new teachers and a new environment, without mom and dad.

Dr. Christopher Brown is a professor of early childhood education at the University of Texas at Austin. Christopher left his job as a teacher to pursue his Ph.D., because he was troubled by how teachers and families were forced to focus on standards and assessments rather than on the children he worked with daily. Chris is the author of two books, Ready for Kindergarten and Kinder-Race. He devoted these books to helping parents free themselves from the readiness trap, so your child will succeed in kindergarten.

In this episode, Christopher provides insight into what is known about school readiness, how to support your child’s learning, how to address common issues that might arise during the kindergarten year, and how we could help reform the current early childhood methods. A must-listen for any parents needing help with kindergarten prep.


Christopher Brown books… (Ready for Kindergarten?, Resisting the Kinder-Race)


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