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Math for Girls

Math for Girls Through Fun Experiments

E41 | 30:51

Marsha Tufft–Engineer & Author, GE Aviation


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Math for Girls Through Fun Experiments

Math is a critical skill for children to make sense of the world around them. It starts early with play, observing patterns and shapes, looking at, and counting objects.

Math then becomes an important component of education and a requirement, if a student is to have any success in STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Math, Engineering. Many students don’t even consider STEM fields because they lack confidence in their own math skills. For Marsha, it was not grades, but all the hobbies and creative projects…things that she dreamed up, problem-solved, and figured out on her own that kept her on course.

Math is so important to success in STEM fields, and Marsha has created fun experiments that show the magic and power of math. She also encourages girls in STEM and enjoys developing experiments to give girls fun experiences with science, engineering, and math.

Marsha spent 35 years at GE Aviation, and has a PhD in engineering. Today, her passion as an engineer and an author is to help students survive and thrive in STEM. In this episode, we talk to Marsha about how you can help set your kids up for success in Math, build the resilience that comes from learning from failure, and empower them to follow their dreams, even when it gets tough.

Resources & Links

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Middle-grade fiction book series, Putney and the Magic eyePad.

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