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Inspiring Young Girls to be Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Young Girls to be Entrepreneurs

E43 | 31:18

Brian Weisfeld–Founder, The Startup Squad


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Inspiring Young Girls to be Entrepreneurs

Not every girl wants to be a princess. Some want to run the castle. Design the moat. Or break the glass slipper and open a company with better footwear.

The Startup Squad is inspiring young girls to be entrepreneurs so they can realize their potential, whatever their passions. It is about helping them become more than they can imagine, by exploring entrepreneurship at an early age. It teaches them basic business skills and helps them learn grit, a growth mindset, and how to fail, and then start again. And again.

Brian Weisfeld, after a rewarding career with world-class brands, like IMAX and Coupons.com, found inspiration through his daughters to create The Startup Squad. He says “When my oldest daughter was 8 years old, she struggled to sell Girl Scout cookies, and then fumbled around trying to run a charity bake sale with a friend. She was incredibly enthusiastic! But she didn’t know what to do while she stood at the end of our driveway, surrounded by delicious baked goods.”

In this episode, Brian shares with us advice on how to inspire and develop the entrepreneurial spirit in young girls, for them to change the world and improve lives around them.


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