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How to Make Your Teen Emotionally Intelligent?

How to Make Your Teen Emotionally Intelligent?

E27 | 35:27

Megan Saxelby–Educator, Consultant, Cultures of Dignity


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Are you raising teens? Then you’ve probably seen everything from anger, screaming, sadness, happiness, and a range of other emotions. It’s hard to keep up with those ups and downs. Emotions swing from one extreme to the other. That’s where teaching teens to become emotionally intelligent comes in.

As our children grow up, emotions get more complicated. And getting to know our emotions better allows us to identify what we feel. Emotional awareness helps us talk about our feelings more clearly. It also helps us resolve conflicts and recover faster. Building emotional intelligence and learning to self-regulate are important skills to learn.

And in this episode, we talk to Megan about how teens can become more emotionally intelligent. Megan Saxelby is a career educator who specializes in emotional intelligence, prosocial critical thinking, and dignity. Her work combines research in neuroscience, conflict resolution, and social-emotional learning.

Cultures of Dignity is an organization that supports the physical & emotional well-being of young people. While there, Megan has created resources for young people. And she calls these Tiny Guides. They address topics like Shame and Vulnerability to Anxiety and Self-Compassion. These tools are designed to help teens become more skilled and emotionally intelligent.

You won’t want to miss this latest episode to learn from Megan.


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