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Unfiltered: How to be happy on social media

How To Be As Happy As You Look On Social Media?

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Jessica Abo –Award Winning Journalist, Author & Speaker


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Jessica is a sought-after thought leader, and bestselling author, who speaks to school, universities, corporations, & nonprofits.  Her book, Unfiltered: How To Be As Happy As You Look On Social Media, sold out on its first day.  Women’s Health Magazine named it #1 on its list of self-love books.  It was chosen for the official GRAMMY Awards Gift Bag and is the center of her #liveunfiltered movement.

Social Media sites like Instagram & Facebook have been found to have many negative effects, especially on young people’s mental health – brains that are still actively developing socially and emotionally. These includes negative body image , loss of sleep, increased bullying , “FOMO” (fear of missing out),  feeling more insecure, anxiety, depression, and loneliness —– now that’s a long list.    However, there are also positive effects of social media that include self-expression, self-identity, community building and emotional support.   In her book, Jessica addresses this relationship between our psychology and technology to help you take back your happiness IRL (in real life).

Jessica has appeared as a social media and relationship expert on various media outlets and TV shows, including The TODAY Show, Access Hollywood, ABC News and KTLA.   She has presented all over the country including at TEDx, at large corporations like Facebook, Microsoft & Delta Airlines, and at the United Nations.

We’re going to talk more about this topic today.    Jessica’s book Unfiltered is for anyone who needs to be reminded that we’re all a work in progress, no matter what judgements we make, when we measure our lives against what others share online.  It helps you learn how to identify what makes you unhappy, how to navigate toxic relationships that chip away at your self-esteem, and how to build a more positive life.

Today, Jessica hosts a weekly business segment on Entrepreneur.com.  She has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company and other business media, and uses her 20+ years of media experience to help coach executives & entrepreneurs for keynotes and on-air interviews.

A New Yorker at heart, Jessica now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their daughter.

You can learn more about her at jessicaabo.com


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