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Linsey Kenarl, Homeschool Hacks from a Mother of Six

Homeschool Hacks from a Mother of Six

E36 | 28:13

Linsey Knerl–Author, Educator, Knerl Family Media, Homeschool Hacks


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Homeschool Hacks from a Mother of Six

As kids across the country finish their school year on Zoom, more and more parents are wondering if choosing to homeschool is the answer. Many parents fear they won’t be able to juggle it on top of their own jobs and obligations. Linsey Knerl is a mother of six and a freelance journalist whose own children learn at home. She has now committed to helping make the process work for every family who wants it.

In her book, Homeschool Hacks, Linsey shares stories of homeschooling families with different backgrounds and motivations. She dispels the myth that it’s only for religious folks or stay-at-home parents. Linsey has been a trusted source for families since 2008. Her writing has appeared in various publications, including TimeShapeBetter Homes & GardensReader’s Digest, Family CircleAll You, and Woman’s World.

In this episode, we talk to Linsey about her experiences teaching six kids at home, how you can create your own schedule & curriculum, and what tools you can access to navigate the world of homeschooling.




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