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Help your Child Choose a Career Path

S1 : E5 | 00:41:16

JP Michel–Founder, SparkPath


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About JP Michel

JP holds a master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology from the University of Manchester and a degree in psychology from the University of Ottawa. In effect, JP has inspired tens of thousands of students worldwide to identify the challenges they want to solve and help them choose a career path. As a result, his career has taken him from working in rural Africa for nonprofit organizations to consulting with multinational corporations in the U.S and across the world. Based in Canada now, he is the recipient of the 2017 outstanding career professional award in Canada.

About the Episode

However, there is more uncertainty among young people today, and it’s no wonder. The world is changing so rapidly that it’s harder than ever for them to envision the future and imagine their role in it. Many students are confused about how they answer the question: “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Traditional career resources have failed young people by focusing on standardized tests and job titles. Instead, they should help kids understand what they enjoy in this modern-day work. JP is passionate about guiding youth to understand who they are and what challenges they want to work on so they can thrive and reach their full potential. JP’s experience and education will inform you on how you can help your child choose a career path in what they’re passionate about.


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