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Maria Luisa Montt & Zelmira Crespi

Happy Mom, Happy Kid: Navigating Motherhood

E33 | 34:56

Maria Luisa Montt & Zelmira Crespi–Authors, Happy Mom, Happy Kid


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Happy Mom, Happy Kid: Navigating Motherhood

Moms, do you have days when you feel like your entire life is about your kids, your family, and NOT about you? Maria and Zelmira, authors of the book Happy Mom, Happy Kid, say, “Motherhood is a gift of unimaginable love and happiness. But in between playdates and nap-time, you can’t help but miss certain things from your old life, and answering to your real name instead of ‘Mom.'”

Being ‘you’ and being a ‘mom’ confuses your identity. The ‘you’ part gets filed into the far-flung corners of your brain and starts to fade away. Motherhood’s nurturing responsibilities and emotions of anxiety and guilt can occupy all your time, focus, and energy. So, in their book, close friends Maria Luisa Montt, founder of Expert Secrets Academy, and writer Zelmira Crespi, reveal strategies and steps on how to reclaim yourself from motherhood.

Today, we talk to Maria and Zelmira about what they learned from studying over 600 women who were struggling to achieve a balanced life. And they also explain why guilt, shame, and unrealistic expectations are robbing you of joy. They also share the skills to stop the cycle.


Happy Mom, Happy Kid

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