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Rejection - Janette Shearer - AvaToZoe on Reaching Roots Podcast for Parents

Grow Stronger from Rejection

E28 | 39:49

Janette Shearer–Founder, Avid Runner, AvaToZoe


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Rejection as a tool to make you stronger

Rejection is a hard topic, but we never shy away from tough topics on the podcast.
When people make you question your beliefs, decisions, or preferences in a way that causes shame, it is demoralizing. So, how do you deal with the anxiety? We hear a lot about knowing your own strengths and limitations, not letting others define you, and finding your own inner confidence. This is really hard stuff, but allowing someone else’s judgment to take over your thoughts gives them power over you.
Janette Shearer has had her share of difficult times in her family life: her parents separating, conflicts with siblings,  rejection in business and life. A lot of us can relate to our share of challenges. The question is, how do we react to these and overcome the obstacles?
5 years ago, Janette joined a casual running group formed to foster a meet-up of neighbourhood moms. Unfortunately, she was kicked out of this group and told that she was not good enough. Finding strength from this rejection, she is now a Sports Clinic Coordinator helping other runners reach their goal of running 10km safely. She has completed countless 10km runs, 2 half marathons, and been training for a full marathon.
Janette started her blog, AvaToZoe, with the hope to create a space where she could be real and relatable. Her goal is to show women regardless of age, size, and lifestyle that running is possible but so is living a normal life, too. Janette is a mom of two girls, Ava and Zoe, and lives in Vancouver, BC.
And in this episode, we talk to Janette about her feelings on being judged, dealing with rejection, and how she channelled those negative experiences to make her a stronger person and a better mother.


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