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Gift-giving for the holiday season

Gift Better & Save More This Holiday Season

S1 : E7 | 23:11

Teresa Mears–CEO, LivingOnTheCheap


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Intro:  Gift Better & Save More This Holiday Season


Teresa says that “as the holiday gift-giving season approaches, we often are filled with a sense of dread. How will we ever find the perfect gift for everyone on our list, the time to finish our shopping and the money to pay for all the stuff we need to buy?” For some of us, gift-giving is no simple task. In the busy holiday season, this tradition can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Every year, we go through the same scenarios. We obsess over the task of giving the perfect gift and sometimes have to “pretend” to like the items we receive. As a result, 1 in 2 people dislike at least one of their received gifts, leading to $16 billion of unwanted or discarded Christmas gifts each year – according to PureProfile.

Teresa has degrees in journalism and sociology from Western Kentucky University. Over the past decade as a researcher, writer and editor – she has spent time on this topic and written several articles on gift-giving during the holiday season.   Her latest article “How to stop the exchange of useless holiday junk” was published a couple of weeks ago. In Today’s Episode, we invited Teresa to talk about holiday gift-giving and saving during the holiday season.

Teresa Mears has spent her career as a newspaper editor & writer for some of the nation’s most prestigious news organizations including the Miami Herald, LA Times, Boston Globe, MSN.com, US World Report and The New York Times.

Today, Teresa is the CEO of  LivingOnTheCheap.com, a network of over 30 hyperlocal online websites across the USA that cover lifestyle, family and personal finance topics in communities. She is the queen of saving and through her blog network, finds and shares the best deals and tips on saving more everywhere.


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