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Find your Passion you Lost in Motherhood

S1 : E9 | 40:49

Camille Walker–Founder, MyMommyStyle.com


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About Camille Walker

Camille Walker is the founder of MyMommyStyle.com, a lifestyle parenting blog.  She is also the host of the “Call me CEO” podcast. A voice and champion to help mothers find their passion and creativity that tend to be lost in motherhood.

Camille is a mother of 4, between the ages of 3-11. Camille writes about a range of different family topics. She is also the creator of a popular screen freeze program. Our kids today start using screens almost as soon as they develop some motor skills. Camille points out that we are the first generation of parents who have a responsibility to raise our children in a screen-filled world. Camille’s program provides tools for parents to reframe their thinking on screens, to create a healthy balance for our children. Grateful for the incredible people that have helped her rise through her journey of building her own business, Camille is now focused on helping other women fuel their own creativity and passion in harmony with their role as a mother.

Camille is the host of the upcoming podcast, Call me CEO, which provides encouragement, practical tools and inspiration to help mothers discover their purpose and control their income.

About the Episode

Beth Berry, author of the book MotherWhelmed says: “Today, there are so many mothers that are creative, motivated and educated that make tremendous sacrifices to ensure the well-being of their families.” She says: “Motherhood heavily engages some aspects of self while leaving almost no room for the growth of other essential parts. Unless mothers are aware of the need to balance this out outside of motherhood, are able to find the time and support, wholeness and thriving can feel quite elusive”

It is difficult to balance family life while finding jobs that respect a healthy work/life balance and provide the required income. To help mothers achieve this, Camille’s upcoming Virtual Assistant course is a tool for mothers to discover their capabilities, work from home and earn money doing it.

We’re going to talk about why it might be a good fit for some mothers to put their skills to work, feel fulfilled, and doing it on their own terms. Mothers can still balance family life, creativity and being their own boss so they won’t feel as lost in motherhood.



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