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Safe Childcare with Liz Oertle on Reaching Roots Episode 21

Find Childcare Services Instantly

E21 | 42:09

Liz Oertle–Founder & CEO, Nanno


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Every parent has been there before – you need to find a babysitter for date night, or you wake up one morning to discover your child is too sick for school or daycare. You call around to find someone to watch the kids but strikeout. Liz Oertle is the CEO and Founder of Nanno, an app that allows parents to book childcare services as an easier way to find verified babysitters at short notice. Through background checks, rigorous assessments and training, Nanno fosters positive experiences for all members of their community, providing safe childcare services for everyone – children, parents and caregivers.

Many parents find themselves unable to secure their regular sitters, due to short notice and other commitments, leaving you to take a day off work or change date night. Usually, you knock on doors or ask around the neighbourhood hoping your regular babysitter did not already commit to babysitting elsewhere. The Internet provides options to search for immediate childcare services, but this involves a series of not so simple tasks – how do you find candidates, vet them, interview them, check if they have the right skills, and determine whether they safe and trustworthy?  No matter how much work or time we put into looking for childcare, it can be hard to find someone with whom you feel confident in leaving your children.

Nanno’s service has also come to the rescue during COVID. With schools and daycare facilities closed, essential workers – hospital, police and nursing home employees on the frontlines are using Nanno to solve their critical childcare challenge.

In this episode, Liz Oertle talks to us about the challenges in finding Childcare and what she is doing to make life easier for parents to find safe sitters on demand.

Before Nanno, Liz was a startup lawyer and founder of the Independent Law Group.  Liz studied English and Creative Writing at Binghamton University and received her JD in Law from the University of Michigan.  When she’s not busy building technology for families and childcare services, she loves to go on adventures with her two daughters usually in Denver, San Francisco or New York.

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