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Gail Swift - Find your child's strength

Figure out Your Child’s Unique Strength

E47 | 26:51

Gail Swift–Speaker & President, Plans to Prosper


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Every parent wants to understand their children to unlock their potential & make them happy.

Many parents fail to recognize that their kids have different ways. Gail Swift recognized this with her young children – that they work in a different way than she does.

She describes these differences as “I thrive on having a lot of things going on at once and work best under pressure. I brainstorm with my mouth then see if it’s a viable option. Noah, my oldest, needs to finish what he starts. He likes to have a plan before he begins, but if he’s put in a room with kids that need the details and kids that want the big picture, he can find the middle ground and bridge the gap. Tyler, my youngest, doesn’t need to finish what he starts (which can make chore time difficult), but excels at physical tasks. He’s a natural with body language and can usually tell when someone is having a bad day”

As a parent, you need to figure out your child’s strengths and natural abilities. Identifying this, helps them find an optimal path in life, find a career in which they will excel and to gives them the best chance to succeed.

Gail Swift is a proven professional that helps parents find their children’s unique natural abilities. She is a speaker, a certified life coach and President of Plans to Prosper. In this episode, Gail talks to us about how every person is uniquely and perfectly capable of creative problem solving, and how our individual creative instincts are the source of mental energy to create our own pattern of taking action.



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