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How to Deliver Difficult News to your Children

E22 | 37:34

Sara Olsher–Founder, Mighty And Bright


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In 2012, Sara Olsher, left her marriage with an 18-month old and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. Life is not always a happy time. Every family has their challenges and struggles. Difficult situations like divorce, cancer, crime, or family death creates stress for both parents and children. Our children pick up and internalize our emotions and attitudes. They look at adults for cues about what to think and how to respond, and they too experience similar anxiety and stress. Today, we have Sara Olsher on our podcast to break down how and when to deliver difficult news to your kids.

Sara Olsher believes in fighting for our kids, in not letting our darkest times define us, and in coming out the other side a total rock star. She believes in grit and resilience. Sara says “In your hardest moments, you just want it to be over. But we also know that going through rough times — each and every miserable day — makes us stronger, teaches us lessons, and helps us be better role models for our children.”

When we’re faced with difficult news, or in dark times in our lives, it’s hard to know what and how to tell our kids. We feel that we’re protecting them by keeping our struggles private. But studies show that kids understand a lot more than we give them credit for and being in the dark on the truth leaves space for kids to make up their own stories.

Finding inspiration from her own hard times, Sara founded Mighty and Bright where she is the author of six children’s books and spends her time talking about things that make many people want to crawl into a deep, dark hole. In this episode, Sara provides us with strategies on how to talk to your kids about uncomfortable topics, and appropriately discuss difficult news with them- whether it be divorce, death or other hard situations.

Her work has been featured in POPSUGAR, Reader’s Digest, and Good Housekeeping, and she regularly speaks on the topic of how to handle major life changes like divorce and cancer. She truly believes that each of us has the strength to overcome unimaginable hardship to make this world a much better place.



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