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Celebrate Birthdays that isn’t a Zoom Birthday Party

S1 : E11 | 33:52

Dawn Lopez–Award Winning Lifestyle Blogger, Cutefetti


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In a year filled with socially distanced events, zoom birthday parties, and celebratory occasions are very different nowadays. Who knew that large family get-togethers & group celebrations would be a risk to our health? We’re all figuring it out – from birthdays to Thanksgiving, Christmas to Ramadan, Baby Showers to Anniversaries, Births to Cancer free declarations – we’re still celebrating, albeit through smaller indoor gatherings, utilizing online platforms (we are all aware of a zoom birthday party since last year), and creative outdoor venues like garages, backyards and parks. Dawn Lopez is the owner of Cutefetti, a popular lifestyle blog with over 300,000 community members.

Cutefetti provides practical resources that inspire and help families celebrate life’s most important occasions. Dawn is a 2019 IRIS Awards Nominee for Photography and was awarded Favorite Food Blogger in the 2019 Sunshine Blog Awards.

According to research at the University of California Davis & University of Miami, people who cultivate a daily attitude of celebration and gratitude have more energy, less stress, are more likely to help others and actually make greater progress toward achieving personal goals – in life, at home and at work. Celebrating your occasions allows you to take a break, reset, look forward and be grateful.

Whether resulting to a zoom birthday party or a physical one – celebrations involve finding resources, coming up with ideas, figuring out online platforms, shopping, baking and gifting. These are all stressful and time-consuming. Amplifying this is the anxiety to keep our loved ones safe from the coronavirus, and the emotional toll of avoiding physical interactions that we as humans desire to keep us sane and happy.

Dawn Lopez can help make this all a bit easier and save you time. She provides creative party ideas, gift ideas, recipes & DIYs to help you free up time, find more joy and celebrate life. Dawn is a proud wife, mom and kitty lover who lives in Ocala, Central Florida.


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