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Nathaniel (Nate) Turner on Reaching Roots for Parents Podcast, talking about Raising children to be successful citizens

A Life Process to Raise Children to be Successful Citizens

E38 | 31:06

Nathaniel Turner–Author, TED Speaker,


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A Life Process to Raise Children to be Successful Citizens

Society’s chief responsibility is to raise children who will become the best possible citizens of the world and who will fulfill their potential. And parents, guardians, and educators bear upon them this responsibility to raise children who are productive citizens. So, as a zealous advocate that every person has an opportunity to maximize their human potential, Nate Turner created a backward design life process to help his unborn child become a great global citizen. And all of this was done without means of wealth, privilege, legacy status, or wrongdoing.

Nate’s son not only met Harvard’s admission benchmarks, but scored in the top 1%, learned four languages, played soccer in Brazil, started a foundation to address teen homelessness, and went on to do his engineering Ph.D. So, in this episode, we talk to Nate about the techniques and strategies that helped him raise a successful Gen Zer. We also discuss the blueprint he shares with parents through his history-making book “Raising Supaman.”

Nathaniel Turner, is an author, a TED speaker and describes himself as a “Humanity Propulsion Engineer.” Additionally, he is the author of several books, including the children’s book series, “The Amazing World of STEM.” He has been featured in The Washington Post, Black Enterprise, iHeartRadio, The Good Men Project, Sirius XM, and U.S. News & World Report.

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