It’s no secret that we’re big fans of making wish lists over here at WishSlate. And one of the best times to get started is when you (or your kiddo!) have a birthday coming up. Creating a birthday list, big or small, makes a huge difference in the type of gifts you receive. You can go from receiving unwanted, wasteful gifts to the high-quality, exactly-what-you-want type.

But what to put on your wish list? Well, if you’re making a wish list for a birthday coming up this year, here are 10 of our favourite items you won’t want to miss.

Note: Some of these are affiliate links. Availability subject to change.

1. This royal birthday gift basket complete with premium products

Our Top 10 Birthday List Ideas 2021 - basket

What girl doesn’t want to be treated like a queen on her birthday? Ask for this royalty birthday gift basket and get just that. It comes with items like a coffee mug with lid, a notebook with a chic crown pencil, a trinket tray, a fresh lavender candle, a makeup pouch, bath bombs, shower steamers, and a card, all wrapped in a “Fit for a Queen” birthday box. Add this to your birthday list and you’ll be relaxing in a heavenly bubble bath with a fresh candle burning in the background and a cup of tea in your “Queen of Everything” mug at the ready in no time. #SelfCare

Oh, and the hundreds of 5-star reviews think it’s a great idea, too!

2. This laugh-out-loud funny burrito blanket

Burrito blanket

Want something a little more on the funny side? This burrito blanket is sure to keep you cozy and entertained. Roll yourself up like a burrito to stay warm! It’s made out of incredibly soft fleece and even comes complete with a beautiful gift bag. It’s machine washable and versatile for any time you need some extra warmth.

3. This massive, tasty snack box

Tasty snack box birthday gift

Want something to satisfy your snack cravings? Then this CraveBox Care Package is the perfect item to add to your wish list. It comes with a mix of 45 different snacks that are a mix of sweet, savoury, and healthy. These individually wrapped goodies include chips, cookies, candies, bars, popcorn, and crackers. Perfect if you want some snacks to keep on hand for you and your family, or for one of your kids who are getting ready to go away to camp or even college soon. 

4. This super-cozy oversized sweater blanket

Sweater blanket

Another cozy option for your birthday is this oversized, wearable blanket! Originally seen on Shark Tank, The Comfy is a unique gift, for sure. Especially with the air conditioner running at full blast during the summer months, this could be an excellent gift for you or your kiddo! And once the weather starts cooling down again, you’ll be happy to have a fuzzy, cute option to wear from the comfort of your own home. It has tens of thousands of 5-star ratings; reviewers love how soft it is.

5. These personalized tumblers 

personalized tumblers

Who doesn’t love a good personalized gift? Support an Etsy shop by saving these custom tumblers to your wish list. Great for sipping drinks by the poolside or just staying hydrated at home. This product is a bestseller and has vacuum insulation. It’ll keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. 

6. This super unique geode air plant

geode air plant

Another Etsy buy, these amethyst geode air plant crystals are absolutely stunning. Handmade in a small LA studio, each one is different. They’d look great in any office to spruce up a space. Add it to your list this year for a gorgeous gift you surely won’t get doubles of.

7. This World Bucket List scratch off print

scratch off print

Perfect for kids or adults alike, this print is the ultimate traveller’s accessory. Keep track of everywhere you’ve been in the world by scratching off each destination, almost like a lotto ticket! Not to mention it’s got thousands of great reviews and is even one of Etsy’s top picks.

8. This versatile star map, perfect for birthdays 

star map

Another gift that would work for you or your kiddos is this star map from another Etsy shop. It’s personalized to show the star map of the day you were born (and location). The text is also customizable and the seller provides a digital proof to the buyer to make sure everything looks just right before it goes to print. The finished product looks elegant and would be a great addition to hang in any bedroom!

9. This out-this-world moon lamp

Our Top 10 Birthday List Ideas 2021 - color earth

On the outer space theme, this is another gift that would be great for recipients both big and small. It’s a gorgeous moon lamp that lights up in 16 different colours. It comes with a stand and is controlled by a handy remote control. Perfect as a night light or just as a way to spruce up a bedroom. 

10. Your very own mini polaroid camera

Our Top 10 Birthday List Ideas 2021 - polaroid camera

Last but not least, we have another gift that would work great for the whole family. This Fujifilm Instax Mini camera is super portable and adorable. It comes in tons of bright colours and would be great for capturing all your birthday memories to keep. It’s highly rated on Amazon and would be an awesome addition to your list this year.


Which item will you be adding to your birthday list?

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