With more and more of us getting vaccinated, travel is coming back hot! So, if you’ve planned a summer trip, here are our top vacation essentials you won’t want to miss out on.

[Note: These are Amazon.com affiliate links.]

1. This handy travel passport wallet


Our 10 Best Vacation Essentials - walletI’ve personally been using this passport wallet for years, and it’s always a go-to! It’s sleek, slim, and water-resistant. I love it for keeping my passport (of course!), credit cards, cash, trip itineraries, copies of travel insurance, and more. You’ve got plenty of room for everything you need, and it won’t break the bank, either.



2. This rose gold carry-on

Our 10 Best Vacation Essentials - carry on


Super cute and functional, this AmazonBasics carry-on luggage comes highly rated. It even comes with a built-in lock! Reviewers love how it’s lightweight yet sturdy. Perfect for a quick trip or getaway!



3. This convenience kit with all the toiletries you’ll ever need


convenience kit

When it comes to shopping for toiletries before a big trip, one thing that can be a big headache is trying to make sure that your liquid products are TSA-approved. This convenience kit takes all the guesswork out of it, because all liquids are TSA-friendly and travel-sized.



4. This twistable memory foam neck pillow (perfect for the plane!)

memory foam essential

Ever wanted a neck pillow that’s made just for you? Well, this is the next-best thing! It’s a memory foam neck pillow that’s twistable to be *just right* for you. Perfect for staying comfy on long flights!



5. This super-cute drawstring toiletry bag

Our 10 Best Vacation Essentials - toilet bag

This is another product I’ve personally used on multiple trips, and I truly love it! It’s flexible, waterproof, trendy, and keeps all your items perfectly organized. I even like to use it when moving house, since it’s such an easy way to keep essentials together



6. These summery cloth masks

Cloth masks

It may not be the most exciting thing to think about, but another thing you’ll need on your flight is a good mask to wear. This pack of 5 cloth masks comes with summery designs and filters. Stay cute while staying safe!



7. This cult-favourite sunscreen


Another less-than-exciting thing you’ll need to bring along with you is a good sunscreen. Super important, but it isn’t always top of mind. Especially if you’re in a window seat, this needs to be in your bag. So, why not make it fun? This cult-favourite Supergoop! sunscreen doubles as a makeup primer with a dewy glow.



8. This pack of 8 hand sanitizers with clips

8 hand sanitizers

If you’re travelling as a family, this is something you absolutely need! It comes with eight mini-sized hand sanitizers with little clips to hang them on your purse, duffel bag, suitcase — you name it! Talk about practical.



9. This pack of 6 travel-friendly sanitizing wipes

Our 10 Best Vacation Essentials - wipes

Another COVID staple is some sanitizing wipes. These come in a set of six mini-sized packs to keep things easy. There’s one here for every bag you’ve got. Practical, too!



10. These handy waterproof phone holders

Waterproof phone holders

Going away for a beach vacay? Then you’ll love this pack of waterproof phone holders. You can wear them around your neck to keep your precious devices safe from catching the waves. Perfect for the beach, boating, kayaking, and more.



Which one of these vacation essentials will you be bringing on your next flight?

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