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WishSlate introduces new gift-giving app to shop from home

Reduce stress, shop from home for perfect gifts.  Track occasions & wish lists for your family and friends.

OTTAWA, CANADA, April 6, 2019 – WishSlate, a tech start-up has introduced a new app, currently in beta, for consumers who feel that gift giving has become a chore.  The new WishSlate app makes it easier to find, coordinate and shop for gifts for family and friends, all from the comfort of your home.   It reduces stress and aims to make gifting fun again, by saving time and making gift discovery and shopping more convenient.

“There are so many people that experience anxiety in buying & receiving gifts.   This is caused by several factors, from struggling to figure out the perfect gift for a loved one, spending too much time co-ordinating with family & friends, or rushing last minute.   We feel disappointed with unwanted gifts we receive and guilt when we create more waste.” said Jaison Dolvane, Founder & CEO, WishSlate Inc. “WishSlate’s mission is to increase the joy of gift giving and receiving.  We decided to open up the beta version of our app to consumers early, so our community can participate in helping us build something that will truly improve lives.”

WishSlate Inc. has partnered with hundreds of retail partners and brands that will be showcased in upcoming versions of the app. The WishSlate app lets consumers browse family and friend wish lists, receive occasion reminders, and shop for gifts.  The beta version of the app is available for iOS for download on the Apple AppStore here.

To learn more, see https://dopcrq3ycj4uc.cloudfront.net/ and https://dopcrq3ycj4uc.cloudfront.net/media-kit

About WishSlate

WishSlate’s mission to increase the joy in gift giving and receiving. When someone loves a gift or something special, we do for them, it feels good.  When we give the wrong gifts, rush or forget – we feel bad, anxious and guilty.   WishSlate reduces stress and saves time to co-ordinate and shop, while helping you find the right gifts. The app allows consumers to track family and friends, browse their wish lists, receive occasion reminders, and shop across a wide variety of top brands and retailers.

Media contacts

Clarissa Garcia
PR & Media Relations, WishSlate

SOURCE:  WishSlate Inc.

RELATED LINKS:  http://www.wishslate.com

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