Wish List App to Create Family Christmas Lists

Save Links from Any Store.   Organize Lists for Your Whole Family

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5 stars review claire

“I used this app for Christmas last year and it made my life so much easier. Everyone in the family made an account, from us, our parents to the kids. It made shopping quick and everyone got what they wanted from their wish lists!”

5 stars review David - WishSlate

“I have two younger sons and they both loved creating wish lists. The kids had fun picking out their favourite toys. And it was so easy for the grandparents and our friends to see all of our Christmas lists”

How it Works

Paste a Link From Any Store

Copy and paste the URL for your favourite products and see the details magically appear in your wish list.

Share Your Wish List With Family + Friends

Easily share your wish list and follow family, friends, the grandparents, or aunts and uncles.

Browse & Gift Right From the WishSlate App

Browse items and get gift ideas straight from the WishSlate app. Find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

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How can we put products we find on the web into the Christmas list?

You simply copy the URL of the product from any website, paste it into the WishSlate app, and the details will auto-populate. It is pretty cool!


How can I share the Christmas list with family and friends?

Your family and friends can simply Follow your account, browse your list, and be notified of changes and additions. 


Is it free to create & share Christmas lists in WishSlate?

Yes — the WishSlate app is completely free to use, so get your family, friends and relatives to join. 


My kid doesn’t have an email. How do I create an account for them? 

All you have to do is use your email address (ex: mom100@gmail.com) & add “+childname” (ex: “+timmy”) before the @ sign (i.e. mom100+timmy@wishslate.com) This will create a new child account with this email ID, but all the emails and updates will be delivered to your inbox.


What if I want to monitor what my kids put on their lists? 

Just follow your child’s account on the WishSlate app (Home > Search for their name > Hit Follow). You’ll get email notifications when they add new items, so you can make sure they don’t put anything crazy on there!