Make Your Birthday List 🎂

WishSlate is a super easy and fun app that lets you make a birthday list. Ask your parents, siblings, aunts, and uncles for just what you want this year!



“I like this app a lot!! I made a list with all my favourite video games and I got a lot of them when my birthday came around :)”



“❤️ this app! I put tons of different makeup products on here and my grandma got me lots of them for my bday!”

Paste Links and Watch the Magic Happen!

Just copy and paste the links to your favourite items into the app. Then the details will magically appear!

Share Your List With Mom + Dad

Get your friends and family to sign up for WishSlate, too! Then everyone from grandma to mom and dad can shop your wish list.

Most Importantly, Have Fun

Looking for cool items can be a lot of fun. Spend some time looking around for your favourite products online, from Amazon to Etsy!

birthday list