WishSlate is an app to make wish lists for Sharing, Shopping and Gifting.

You can use it to save product links from ANY store by making ONE wish list, connect with friends, and view other wish lists to get inspiration and ideas.

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Make a wish List

Simply paste links from any store or website, and watch the product details magically appear, so you can quickly create lists for shopping, sharing or gifting.


Share Lists with Friends

Search, Follow and Invite Friends & family, so you can share your list, view other lists for inspiration and ideas and get notifications when a friend updates their list.


Buy Directly From Stores

Go to stores and product pages directly from the app, so you don't have to remember the links or browse around again.

WishSlate users say

"I'm very specific when it comes to things I want for my everyday life. So, when people ask me what I want for a present, I end up saying simple things like a gift card. However, with WishSlate, I've created a curated list of specific items (including the brand). My mom and I followed each other on the app -- ready for the winter holidays!" - Sissi

"When you work hard for your money, you want to ensure that you get that special person something that they will appreciate and use and enjoy.... not re-gift. WishSlate is a good way to see my husband or daughters' wish lists and get them something useful." - Leanne

"I added my whole family on this app to easily track their birthdays and get a reminder for it. Also, I encourage them to put some things on their wish list -- so I can get some ideas to shop for them." - Marianne

"It is hard to figure out what to get my nieces and nephews. Now, I get a notification from WishSlate when they add items to their wish list -- makes it so much easier to get them stuff." - Jennifer

"My siblings and parents constantly ask me what they should get my kids. I got them on WishSlate, so now they can see their wish lists. Kids actually enjoy putting stuff on their list, and I'm not in the middle." - Roseanne

"This app actually lets me like link to the specific item I'm looking for on any website. Whereas, sites like Amazon limit to their own site and have promoted items at the top of the page that makes finding gifts confusing." - Khemish

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