This week, we’re covering another Christmas list topic: how to share them with family & friends. Making wish lists, especially for the holiday season, truly serves the best purpose when you’re using them socially.

Knowing how to share Christmas lists with loved ones means that they have an easy, ready-to-go, list of gift ideas for you. And when you can see theirs too, it makes life easier on you, too. Having both happen simultaneously is where it really gets fun!

Using wish lists ensures that the gift-giver has practical and helpful gift ideas. It helps reduce gift waste and prevent the dreaded re-gifting cycle (when someone gives your gift away to someone else).

So, here’s how to share your Xmas list with your friends and family:

Login to WishSlate

First things first, you’ll want to visit From there, you can sign up for a free WishSlate account, or log into your existing one. It only takes a minute to set up, and then you’re good to go.

Search for & Follow Friends

The coolest feature in the WishSlate app is the ability to add your friends, just like you add them on any social network. Simply search for your friend’s name in the Search bar, and click “Follow.”

Christmas Lists

Browse Friend Wish Lists

Then, you’ll be able to easily navigate to their profile right from your home screen, under the “Friends” tab.

Xmas Lists

This way, your friends can easily view your profile, and you can easily view theirs. You’ll also get notified when they update their wish list, and you’ll get an email reminder when their birthday is coming up.

Invite Friends

But what if your friends and family members aren’t on the WishSlate app yet and you did not find them in the search bar? No problem!

Just enter their name in the Search field, and if they don’t have an account, you’ll be prompted to Invite them. Give that a click and you’ll be guided to enter their email address! Then, they’ll be in the know about this easy way to share wish lists for Christmas and birthdays.     You can also Invite them by clicking the “Invite Friends” link on the right side of the “Friends” tab.

Share Xmas Lists


There you have it: the 3 simple steps to share Christmas lists with family & friends! Which one will you try?

Want more tips on using the free WishSlate app? Check out our FAQ Page!

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