Picture this.

You’ve just finished work and you want to relax with some online shopping. Maybe a new pair of shoes.

You saw a pair you liked last week. But what store were they from again? You check your Amazon wish list, but you can’t find them there. You try another website, but you can’t find them there, either. You end up spending 20 minutes searching for the pair until you finally track them down. By the end of it, you’re feeling stressed and tired.

You just spent 20 minutes of your precious time trying to find an item you liked. In reality, there’s a much easier way of doing things. You just need to try WishSlate.

There is another way

This time, let’s picture the same scenario. It’s the end of a long day and you just want to do some retail therapy as a way to unwind. You remember that you found some shoes you liked last week.

So, you log into your WishSlate account and see the shoes there. You even left a note for yourself to remember which colour you liked. Then, you click on the shoes, are redirected to the online store, and buy them right away. 

The whole process takes a matter of a few minutes, and your new purchase will be shipped to you soon. You feel happy and excited and to get your new shoes.

Why you should keep a single wish list

As you can see, keeping a single wish list makes this way, way easier. 

Keeping multiple wish lists may seem fine in theory: you just need to log into the site you’re using and check your list there. 

But as we saw in the shoe-shopping example, sometimes you can’t quite remember which store you saved an item from. That’s where WishSlate simplifies things.

This app will save you time and stress because you can find exactly what you want with no effort at all.

Different cases where a single wish list makes sense

There are many good reasons to use an app like WishSlate.

As we touched on, it pays to keep your items organized in one place. It saves you the hassle of frantically searching from store to store when you want to purchase an item you saved.

There’s also the added benefit of no longer using random notes, files, or even text messages (to yourself or others) to save items. Many of us use these types of methods to keep track of items we like.

We might have notes on our phone, scattered Google Docs, or messages sitting around with links to items that caught our eye. This is a disorganized way of doing things, because you have to spend time tracking down the spot you kept the links.

Think back to your own shopping experiences

Can you remember the last time you tried to keep track of an item you liked? Where did you save it? How long did it take? When you finally wanted to make a purchase, how long did you spend tracking it down?

It doesn’t take much to realize that an app like WishSlate could streamline your online shopping immensely. And we haven’t even touched on the gift-giving component!

We all use tools to help with online shopping, like websites or browser extensions to find promo codes. Keeping a wish list in an app is an easy addition to this toolkit.

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