Frequently Asked Questions

What people ask us about making & sharing Shopping & Gift Lists?

What is WishSlate?

WishSlate is a super-handy app that lets you create your own wish list with items from any store.  You can use to organize your shopping lists with products links from multiple sites, or create lists for Christmas, Birthdays or other occasions

Even better? You can add friends on the app to share + browse each other’s wish lists.  This makes shopping for gifts easy, and also gives you lots of inspiration and ideas. 

WishSlate has awesome features to make and organize your lists like filters, tagging, sorting and more.  You can share lists with friends, view other lists for inspiration and get useful reminders and notifications, to keep you in the know. 

Is the app free?

Yes, the WishSlate app is free to use!

Can I access the app on iOS, Android and my desktop browser?

In your browser window on any device, simply go to the following URL

All you need to do is sign up there and start creating your wish list.

On mobile devices, you can keep the convenience of a mobile app by simply creating a shortcut on your mobile home screen! 

On iOS: In Safari, visit > Click the Share icon > Click “Add to Home Screen” > Confirm details by clicking “Add”. And you’re done!

On Android: In Google Chrome, visit > Click the 3 little dots in the top right-hand corner > Click “Add to Home Screen” > Confirm details by clicking “Add”. And you’re done!

How can we put products we find on the web into the Christmas list?

You simply copy the URL of the product from any website, paste it into the WishSlate app, and the details will auto-populate. It is pretty cool!   It works most of the time, but sometimes we just have not become smart enough yet 🙂 – so if you find a link that does not work, feel free to email it to us at   We’ll try and fix it, so next time it works for you.

How can I share the Christmas list with family and friends?

Your family and friends can simply Follow your account, browse your list, and be notified of changes and additions. 

Why would someone use WishSlate?

WishSlate is useful for a lot of different scenarios. This app is for you if…

  • You want to keep track of the items you like
  • You’re tired of keeping different wish lists across different stores
  • You have trouble tracking down the items you like (maybe you use random notes, emails, or docs at the moment)
  • You want an elegant wish list 
  • You want to create a shopping list for yourself (you can mark items as private to make this easier)
  • You want to give your friends a list of gift ideas for you
  • You want to get a list of gift ideas for a friend
  • You want to see what kind of items your friends are interested in 
  • You want to be reminded of your friends’ birthdays

…and more!

My kid doesn’t have an email. How do I create an account for them?

All you have to do is use your email address (ex: & add “+childname” (ex: “+timmy”) before the @ sign (i.e. This will create a new child account with this email ID, but all the emails and updates will be delivered to your inbox.

What if I want to monitor what my kids put on their lists?

Just follow your child’s account on the WishSlate app (Home > Search for their name > Hit Follow). You’ll get email notifications when they add new items, so you can make sure they don’t put anything crazy on there!

Why did you make WishSlate?

WishSlate founder, Jaison Dolvane created the app after experiencing the common problem of anxiety around gift-giving. 

He explained: “Throughout the year, my wife would send me links to things that she liked. When it came time to buy something for her birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas, I found myself frantically searching for the links or not getting the product delivered on time. I’d usually wait until the last minute, rush to find something, go over my budget and settle for a gift I was not completely sure she would like.”

After speaking with hundreds of families, we realized that making and sharing lists, as simple as it is, does not really have a ‘made for it’ solution.   He found that people use google docs, emails, or notes to share lists and there is a lot of coordination required, especially around occasions like Christmas and Birthdays.   So, we created WishSlate with features to help making and organizing product and gift lists easy, in addition to helping automate the sharing and co-ordination of lists with friends and family. 

Click here to try it out

Why should I follow a friend?

Following a friend is a great option, because it means you’ll get notified each time they update their wish list. You’ll also get reminded when they’re about to celebrate a birthday. This makes shopping for gifts — and remembering special occasions — super simple. Think of it just like any other social network: Following someone lets you stay connected.

I have new feature ideas. Who do I tell?

We would love to hear your ideas for the app. As we’re still in beta, we depend on community feedback to help us grow and improve. Please direct any suggestions to

How can I contact someone for support?

Again, you can reach out at with any questions or concerns. We’d love to hear from you!