5 Things for Your Staycation

Delayed spring breaks, lockdown orders, working from home… all of these spell out one thing: S-T-A-Y-C-A-T-I-O-N! 

You need a staycation, obviously, or else you wouldn’t be reading this. Don’t worry, we got you: keep reading to save big on everything you’ll need for a well-deserved break at home. 


To feel rested, you need to feel comfortable! What better way to relax than to put on your best loungewear to feel comfy and cozy in, all the while looking put-together! Shop Athleta for 20% off and free shipping https://fxo.co/BuCW! 

DIY Spa Day

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a spa, do it at home! We’re staring at our hands all day, typing on our keyboards – you might as well give them some TLC. Don’t forget your lotion too! Treat yourself to L’Occitane en Provence products: https://fxo.co/BuCQ.

Bath Essentials

If you have a bathtub, USE IT! Relax your muscles, open your pores up with some steam, and add a little lavender oil to ease your stresses! You’ll leave feeling energized and refreshed. 

(Not so) Guilty Pleasures

We all have them: catching up on reruns of Sex and the City, indulging in a glass of wine that’s a little too big, watching Legally Blonde for the 106th timeー whatever it is, own it, and be proud! You deserve it. Or, treat yourself to some jewelry (and get a discount!) from Kay https://fxo.co/BuCL!


You can’t feel cozy without a cozy environment! Get some candles, some mood-lighting, and some blankets to up the ambiance and really take your staycation to the next level. Get everything you need for ambiance at Indigo (with free shipping!): https://fxo.co/BuCG

Enjoy your staycation, so that when you get to work you feel better than ever!

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