Imagine this: You need a birthday gift for your friend. 

So you spend time — lots of time, actually — searching around online for gift ideas. You browse gift guides, read tons of articles, and dig around your favourite online stores to find something. But nothing seems just right.

In the end, you buy something nice but impersonal. It’s “good enough,” but it doesn’t really show how much you care.

When you give it to her, you feel sort of embarrassed that it wasn’t more thoughtful. 

You ended up finding a gift, but you weren’t able to find the gift. You leave the experience feeling dissatisfied and wish that you could have done a better job.

This type of experience is all too common when it comes to gift shopping.

How to buy the perfect birthday gift, every time

There’s a better way to shop for gifts, though. With the WishSlate app, you can say goodbye to boring, impersonal gifts and say hello to the right option, every time.

With WishSlate, you can easily keep a personalized wish list with all of your favourite items. But the cool part is that you can share that list with your friends and family, and they can share theirs with you.

By following each other on the app, it’s simple to find the perfect gift straight from your loved one’s WishSlate profile. You can even use the “Reserve” feature to make sure you’re the only one buying it for them.

This social network aspect of the app is where the magic really happens. Now, at the touch of a finger, you can see a full list of the items your friend wants. Instead of wasting time scouring different websites, all you need to do is click on the item straight from their wish list. From there, buying it is a breeze.

Why wish lists are so great for gift-giving

Think about the last time you got a gift you didn’t really like. It was probably something that person picked just for you, and even though they took the time to choose it, it simply missed the mark. Maybe you ended up re-gifting it or getting rid of it some other way.

That waste is a thing of the past when you keep and share wish lists. It takes the guesswork out of the whole process. There’s no guessing or missing the mark. You buy straight from their list with the confidence that they picked this item out just for themselves.

At the end of the day, we all want our gifts to be a success. We want the recipient to feel loved and to see how much we care. Using the WishSlate app is your simple shortcut to doing this, every single time.

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