Make a Birthday List for Your Kids! 🎂

Build out a birthday list for your child that you can easily share with family and friends. No more unwanted gifts, and help your loved ones save time.



“I used this app for my daughter’s birthday, and she loved creating the list. For me, it was so much easier to point people (grandparents and relatives) to her list, than managing questions from everyone on what they should buy her.”



“I made a WishSlate account for my son using my email address. He’s able to find things on the web and easily add what he wants. I get informed on what he is adding, so I can manage any crazy asks, like a trampoline 3 times the size of our backyard.”

Simply Paste a Link From Any Store

It doesn’t matter where you or little Timmy likes to shop; you can save items from any store! Copy and paste the URL for your favourite products and see the details magically appear.

Share Your List With Family + Friends

Easily share Timmy’s wish list with family, friends, the grandparents, or aunts and uncles! Everyone can shop and reserve straight from his wish list.

Monitor Your Kid’s List

Kids put all kinds of crazy stuff on their wish lists. Easily monitor and keep an eye on the products your kids are adding by following them on the app.

kids birthday list


How can we put products we find on the web into the birthday list?

You simply copy the URL of the product from any website, paste it into the WishSlate app, and the details will auto-populate. It is pretty cool!


How can I share the birthday list with family and grandparents?

Your family and grandparents can simply Follow your account, browse your list, and be notified of changes and additions. 


Is it free to create & share birthday lists in WishSlate?

Yes — the WishSlate app is completely free to use, so get your family, friends and relatives to join. 


My daughter doesn’t have an email. How do I create an account for her? 

All you have to do is use your email address (ex: mom100@gmail.com) & add “+childname” (ex: “+timmy”) before the @ sign (i.e. mom100+timmy@wishslate.com) This will create a new child account with this email ID, but all the emails and updates will be delivered to your inbox.


How can I monitor what my kid puts on their list? 

Just follow your child’s account on the WishSlate app (Home > Search for their name > Hit Follow). You’ll get email notifications when they add new items, so you can make sure they don’t put anything crazy on there!