If you know someone born between April 19-May 20, they’re a Taurus! It also means their birthday is coming up, and we know just what to get them.

As earth signs, Tauruses are very focused on the things they can sense: touch, taste, and smell. So give them a cozy blanket, a new cookbook, or a fragrance that will become their new signature scent. Here are a few more ideas:

  1. The most Taurus-y shirt ever to exist: they’ll show off their spirit and look good doing it, too! 
  2. A delicate necklace with the Taurus celestial constellation that’ll go with any outfit:
  3. A Taurus-themed bull-wick candle for the ambiance:
  4. This one’s a little bit of a throwback: a disposable camera is a great way to capture fun memories with loved ones! The Taurus in your life will appreciate this simple but thoughtful gift.
  5. What’s better than a cozy weighted blanket that’ll put even the most stubborn Taurus in a restful sleep! And who doesn’t want a good night’s rest?

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