When it comes to online shopping, it’s easy to get disorganized. There are so many places and products to choose from — keeping track of them (especially between stores) is a lot. So, there are plenty of good reasons to save links to your favourite products. Here are seven:

1. You want to keep a grocery list





One of the most common reasons to make a list is when going to the grocery store. I like to use Flipp, which is an app available in Canada & the USA. It lets you make a shopping list while also clipping digital coupons and saving sale prices across stores. It’s a lot easier to use something like this to maximize savings and even do price matching.

Next time you’re picking a store to go to (in-person), you can compare sales across locations to pick the most optimal choice for your shopping list. It’s really key if you’re a shopper on a budget. Just a little bit of planning can add up over time — choosing to go to specific stores based on the items you need is an easy way to cut costs.

2. You want to make a general shopping list






Of course, a lot of the time, we’re shopping for random items from different stores. You could keep these items in a note or doc on your phone. But there’s an easy fix. We’re a little biased, but the WishSlate app makes it easy to save links from different stores in one simple app.

This is great because there are so many little things we might want — like shoes from one store, but makeup from another. Without WishSlate, you’d have to create wish lists on each website. That can get confusing really quickly. Using an app like WishSlate streamlines the whole process, so that you can do your miscellaneous shopping all in one place.

3. You want to save a birthday list





Another reason to save links while shopping is to create a list of birthday gift ideas you might want. Using an app like WishSlate helps you build out one wish list with links from any store. Then, you can share that list with your friends & family to give them gift ideas.

The alternative to not keeping a birthday list is that your friends and family might have to guess what to get for you. Without concrete examples, they’re left to choose something on a whim. This can work sometimes, but more often than not, it can result in gifts the recipient doesn’t really want or need. Help reduce gift waste by making a birthday list for your next trip around the sun.

4. You want to save a Christmas list (or another holiday!)

You also might want to save links in order to create a Christmas list — or one for other big holidays you celebrate. When it comes to holidays, gift-giving can be stressful. Trying to buy something for everyone on your list gets to be overwhelming at times. There are so many different people and products to juggle.

If everyone created a Christmas list, though, and were able to share it with their friends and families, it would make the situation a lot easier. As with the birthday list example, making & sharing wish lists just makes sense. Avoid getting random, unwanted presents (or giving them!) and simply buy the recipient what they really want this year.

5. You want to recommend items to others

Another reason to save links to your favourite products is to share product recommendations for others. In the beauty industry, Shop My Shelf has become popular, allowing influencers and experts to share links to their favourite products. And on Amazon storefronts, influencers like Teresa Caruso have made a name for themselves by recommending the coolest new products to their followers.

If you want to break into this affiliate-marketing-type sharing of products, then of course, it makes sense to use sites like Amazon or Shop My Shelf to save your links. Otherwise, it’s difficult to give recommendations straight from social media apps like Instagram.

6. You want to write your own article





You also might want to save links if you’re interested in writing a blog post or other article. Blogging is quite popular these days, so setting up a website is pretty common. You can always use platforms like WordPress to get a simple blog up and running.

People love listicles! So creating a list of product links is an excellent way to get a blog post started. Amazon is also quite popular here, with their Affiliate Program used by plenty of blogs to generate revenue. Keeping your ideas organized will make the writing process much simpler. This is where something like a Word document would make sense for saving links within a larger article.   

7. You want to repurchase the items again at a later date





Last but not least, keeping a wish list or shopping list isn’t just for finding great new buys. It can also help you keep track of your old favourites, so that you can return to them time and time again. 

Again, using an app like WishSlate can help you keep miscellaneous products in one handy spot. Simply leave them in your wish list after you’ve purchased/received them, and easily find that link again when you need a new one.


As you can see, there are many solid reasons for saving your favourite links to products. Which one resonates with you?

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