Having a happy socially-distanced Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is almost here!

And even though things are looking very different these days, there are still many ways to celebrate with mom, no matter how far the distance. 

For those of us lucky enough to be in the same household as our moms, we have lots of options: shared homemade brunch, just spending the day together, etc. 

But for people separated from their moms this year, we’re listing our top 4 socially-distanced Mother’s Day celebrations ideas:

1. Go for a nature walk as a family


If you’re at least in the same city as your mom, going for a walk outdoors together is a great option. To be extra careful, you could all wear masks, but at the very least, just keep your safe 2-metre distance.

Keeping things outdoors ensures everyone’s safety, but going out into nature makes sure it’s fun and exciting. Catch up with mom and enjoy the sights together! Being together is the most important part, after all.


2. Have a Netflix party watching one of your favourite movies together (virtually)


If you’re not near your mom this year, another safe option is to have a movie party together digitally. Teleparty (AKA Netflix Party) is a really cool Chrome extension that lets you sync up watching something together virtually with friends + family.

Pick a movie that’s sentimental for you and mom, and watch it together! This is such a unique and special way to spend time together, and goes beyond just the usual video call. You can laugh and talk during the film, and enjoy a heartfelt movie at the same time. This is one of our favourite socially-distanced Mother’s Day activities! 


3. Drop off some homemade goodies at mom’s door and say hello from a distance


Another option for those living in the same city as their mom is to bake some homemade goodies. You can make some cookies, muffins, cake, etc. and bring them over to mom’s front porch. Drop them off safely, and then you can say hello from a distance.

Even if you’re not able to give mom a hug, you’ll still be able to share something that shows your love & you’ll get to see each other! Catch up while chatting outdoors and enjoy the moment as best as you can under the circumstances.


4. Have a video call together & do something unique like cooking the same dish at the same time


Last but not least, the humble video call is always an option! But to bring it to a new level, you can both plan to cook the same dish together. 

Gather the ingredients and recipe, and have fun cooking together (from afar!). Mom is sure to have some good cooking tips, so you’ll probably learn some things along the way! The shared experience is a fun way to connect despite the distance.



Which one will you try? And have a happy socially-distanced Mother’s Day with your family!

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